1. There is the portrait of a guy called Paul, I met one day (he is a friend of a friend of a friend… anyway.)

    So. I have to admit I kinda give up for the shirt. (It’s 4:00 AM OK?!)

    I’ll see later how to do it better. (Just to “do” it actually because I didn’t do anything about copy/paste the shape from the original pic..)

    For the second one, I wanted to try something… I think it’s quiet funny. But anyway.

    Hope he’ll likes it.

  2. And there is the second one.

    I made this one on photoshop. I wanted to post a WIP of it. I’ll see later.

  3. There is the first portrait I made of

    http://namedafterabook.tumblr.com :)

  4. Hugo 283 mois.

    Inspired by the new 2014 Petit Bateau’s ads.

  5. Hiccup. From How to train your dragon 2.

  6. Hurted hands. Again.

  7. Update Benoit.

  8. Woody.

  9. Arthur.

  10. Hipster Harry, Ron and Hermione.