1. A portrait inspired by a Thomas Knights’s photography. (from the exhibition REDHOT) 

  2. A little Sherman from Mr. Peabody and Sherman ❤️

    Black stone and watercolour.

  3. There is the portrait of a guy called Paul, I met one day (he is a friend of a friend of a friend… anyway.)

    So. I have to admit I kinda give up for the shirt. (It’s 4:00 AM OK?!)

    I’ll see later how to do it better. (Just to “do” it actually because I didn’t do anything about copy/paste the shape from the original pic..)

    For the second one, I wanted to try something… I think it’s quiet funny. But anyway.

    Hope he’ll likes it.

  4. And there is the second one.

    I made this one on photoshop. I wanted to post a WIP of it. I’ll see later.

  5. There is the first portrait I made of

    http://namedafterabook.tumblr.com :)

  6. Hugo 283 mois.

    Inspired by the new 2014 Petit Bateau’s ads.

  7. Hiccup. From How to train your dragon 2.

  8. Hurted hands. Again.

  9. Update Benoit.

  10. Woody.